The Guerrilla Guide to Trial Objections



The Guerrilla Guide to Trial Objections should be an essential part of anyone’s library who is representing themselves in a lawsuit (also known as appearing Pro Se or Pro Per).

The Rules of Evidence are one of the least understood and hardest areas for someone to learn who has not been through a well done evidence class in law school.

The Guerrilla Guide to Trial Objections is done in a format unlike others and provides the complete text and commentaries of the Federal Rules of Evidence in an appendix rather than making them the focus of the book.

Instead, the book is done in a format setting forth the objection, the response, the reasoning behind the objection and then citing to any appropriate rules.

Designed to be used both to prepare for trial and as a quick guide which can be used during the actual trial, The Guerrilla Guide to Trial Objections covers the most commonly used trial objections.

For a limited time, we are also offering a separate publication, Tips for Making Objections at Trial, as a free bonus for those purchasing The Guerrilla Guide to Trial Objections.

This bonus lists out 15 specific tips gained from years of trial experience and passed on for the first time ever in written format.

This book is filled with useful information such as how to prepare for making objections at trial, how to anticipate objections you will need to make as well as those which will be made by the other side, how to present objections so as to preserve the record for an appeal, and many other tidbits normally gained only from being “in the trenches” at trial.


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